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Dealing with unwanted dogs and cats has long been a problem in society. One thing responsible pet owners can do to improve the situation is to bring their pets to a spay and neuter clinic. Murdoch Veterinary Clinic provides a safe environment for pet owners looking to ensure their dog or cat does not have additional offspring that require care.

Benefits of Spay and Neuter

The biggest reason to have a female dog or cat spayed is to stop them from going into heat. That reduces their desire to go out and roam the neighborhood, which attracts males looking to mate. Staying closer to home also helps keep them from ending up in dangerous situations where they might end up hurt or killed.

You should have male dogs and cats neutered for similar reasons. The procedure is known to lower the levels of aggression pets might show toward others and minimize the urge to hump people and objects. Neutered male pets are less prone to going out and seeking out a female in heat.

Other reasons for having a pet spayed or neutered include the following:

  • Lower risk of males developing prostate disease
  • Cessation of cycles in female animals
  • Decreases the chances of pets experiencing hormone fluctuations
  • Lowers the chances of female dogs and cats ending up with breast cancer

 Your Spay and Neuter Clinic in Prince George, BC

How Spay and Neuter Procedures Work

Pet owners should wait until their female dogs or cats are at least five months old before taking them for spaying. Once they are mature enough, our vet at Murdoch Veterinary Clinic can perform a thorough checkup to ensure they are in good health and ready for surgery. Other procedures she might perform include blood tests and imaging.

Our veterinarian in Prince George provides anesthesia to dogs and cats so they do not experience any pain during surgery. We account for the breed of your pet and any physical traits that might impact its response to anesthesia. We do not proceed with any surgery until we are sure your dog or cat is under entirely.

A spaying procedure consists of removing the ovaries and uterus of a female dog or cat. Alternatively, the vet might decide only to remove the ovaries and leave the uterus. With neutering, an incision is made below your pet’s belly button, and the vet then removes their testicles through the opening.

The vet provides owners with instructions on caring for their dog or cat once the surgery is complete. It’s a good idea to keep pet movement to a minimum for up to ten days post-surgery. Be sure the sutures have completely healed before giving your dog or cat a bath or allowing them to run.

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Get your pet spayed or neutered as soon as possible. Feel free to contact Murdoch Veterinary Clinic for answers to your questions about your pet’s health or to schedule an appointment.

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